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The ever-changing nature of business law

What is business law? Merger & Acquisitions, Business Organization & re-structuring. Human Resource Issues. Formation Plans. Process Improvement. Creating Policies and Procedures.
Internal System Audits, Process/Policy Audits
The list goes on!
Business law demands the presence of a skilled attorney when companies come face to face with legal problems. The Law Office of Adam A. Habibi is readily available to advise business entities including corporations, joint ventures, and partnerships, on:

  • Formation plans
  • Organization structures and updates
  • Business guidelines
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Transactions

Practical Commerce Experience

The commercial elements of business documents can seem vastly perplexing without the guidance of a versed lawyer. Clients work with Counsel to interpret every and all ambiguities. An attorney can find risks in documents and work to mitigate them. The firm’s lawyers advise clients on all aspects of doing business in Maryland and interstate commerce. They also negotiate and document:

  • Business agreements
  • Sales transactions
  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Other financial agreements

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