Why having a Maryland Lawyer for your Government Contracts helps

Government Contracts in Maryland from the Perspective of a Maryland Lawyer.

Currently practicing in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia area) has resulted in our firm becoming more required to be familiar with and experienced in Federal and Government Contracts. The Federal Government performs acquisition and procurements which are reduced to “Federal Contracts”. The guidebook for these types of dealings is provided in what is called the Federal Acquisition Regulations (or “FAR” for short). This is the Encyclopedia book that Federal Contractors and the Federal Government uses religiously. It contains provisions and instructions on how should Contracts be performed and negotiated. The A through Z is discussed here. To understand the Contract, you may have to read and review the FAR. The best place to read the FAR is www.acquisition.gov In instances where you do not understand the provision or clause, it may be best to reach out our law firm to assist you.

Not only is there the FAR to have to worry about, but in instances where you deal with the State of Maryland or cities or municipalities within Maryland, another authority is usually cited. State and Local Contracts in Maryland adopt and may rely upon the Code of Maryland Annotated Regulations (COMAR). You can find the COMAR here:

Contracts are complex and require an expert to review and negotiate. You may be sitting on your rights such as Statute of Limitation, Payment Terms, Validity of Non-competes.
Whether it is a Prime Contract with the Client, a Subcontractor with a Subcontractor, or a Vendor Agreement, have our Law Firm draft, review, negotiate your Government Contract.

Non Disclosure Agreements/ Confidentiality? We do them. Ask for a sample and we can provide or explain it to you.

Noncompete Agreements? (or clauses)

Teaming Agreements? You betcha.

Non Solicitation Terms? You guessed it.

Consultant Agreements? Yes, indeed. But before requesting a Consultant Agreement, be sure to read our previous blog regarding the difference between Subcontracts and Consultants. Found here:

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