Maryland Expungement of Record

Question: What is an Expungement?
Answer: Expungement is the removal of records from public inspection

Question: Where are these records generally held?
Answer: Motor Vehicle Administration files, police files and court and
police files

Question: When can you file an expungement?
Answer: When you were not found guilty of a crime, the charges were dismissed, when you received a Probation before Judgment, the State Attoreny did not prosecute your charge (nolle prosequi), your case was indefinitely postponed (stet), etc.

Question: Can I expunge a DUI or DWI?
Answer: NO, under any circumstances, even if you received a PBJ.

Question: Should you hire an attorney to help you?
Answer: Attorneys can assist you in finalizing the paper work and ensure that the expungement is sent properly.

Question: Are there any filing fees associated?
Answer: There is a filing fee that may vary from County to County (estimated between $30-50.00). This does not include Attorneys fee.

Question: Can an expungement be denied?
Answer: Yes

Question: How long does it take to expungement my records?
Answer: After the court orders are sent to each required agency, each agency has 60 days from
receipt to comply with the court order

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