Maryland Landlord Tenant Rent Escrow

Everyone has had a time in when living in an apartment, and have had issues with their land lord. The question becomes under Maryland law what are the requirements that they need to provide under rental housing.Maryland Landlord Tenant Rent Escrow
Under Md. REAL PROPERTY Code Ann. § 8-211, the land lord must repair major defects in a property. The statute list the following items as circumstances that a landlord must fix in a quick manner.Maryland Landlord Tenant Rent Escrow
-Lack of Heat, electricity, hot or cold running water. (As a note this does not apply if you forgot to pay you water or electric bill!)
-If there are rodents in many different units in the building.
-Or any other items that would cause a serious health or safety issues.
This law does not include coverage for things like a lack of air conditioning or fresh pain on the walls.
If you have an issues like a lack of heat, the law does not allow you to get out of your lease. You must first provide a written letter to the landlord via certified mail telling them what the issue is in your apartment. You will then need to give them a reasonable time to fix the problem.
If that does not work you still have to pay your rent, but can pay the rent to the court in an action called rent escrow. This is where you go to court, and have the judge provide an order to pay the rent money to the court. Once the issues is fixed, then the court will provide the money that they have collected to the landlord. The landlord can not get the money until showing the court the issues have been corrected.
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