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What is the cost of a lawyer for a Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle without a CDL when required? The price for an attorney can vary depending on your case. Factors that get taken into account are past violations, if you ever had a CDL, why you didn’t have a CDL at that time, have you since obtained your CDL, any excuses or justifications, why you were stopped in the first reason. The range for the cost of a lawyer is between $750-$1,500 usually. But the price may go up for different jurisdictions that require additional travel. For example, you can assume those ranges for Anne Arundel County, Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore. However, other counties may be more expensive.

Do I need to personally appear for the case even though I live far away? Violation Maryland Title 11.383.23 states MA which means Must Appear. The Lawyer can do most of the up front activities such as enter his appearance but on the trial date, most likely the Defendant appear. My best suggestion in this instance would be to call our law office to verify this for sure if you have any concerns or doubts regarding this matter because if not, it could be a failure to appear (bench warrant out for arrest) if you do not show up.

When I should get a lawyer? I suggest getting a lawyer sooner than later. This will give the lawyer better preparation time and if there is a need for a postponement or other motion, then it could be properly or timely requested without missing a deadline. If you wait until the last minute, it will directly affect your case. I can speak from experience.

How long before my court date or how long these cases take? These cases can usually take up to 3-4 months before they are heard before a Judge or longer.

Penalty? Fines and Points are typically explained in the Maryland Schedule of Pre-Set Fines and/or Penalty Deposits pdf which can be found here

However, please understand and know that the Court (Judge) is the ultimate decider of your points, fines, and penalty. No one can guarantee any results or outcome.

Likely Scenario? Legally we are not permitted to say because we do not guarantee or know the outcome for sure but we can state the maximums. This is the part that you can call our law firm and obtain a free consultation. It all depends on the factors discussed here in.

How can I find the status of my case? Maryland Judiciary Case Search can give you a real-time update of the case. I would always check here.

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