White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131


White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

What is a White Pass? What is a re-entry permit? Form 1-131? White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

This blog will explain what exactly all of that is and what fees are associated.White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131
Law Office of Adam A. Habibi, P.C. Blog:

White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131 Having a green card is a privilege. The right of having a green card is not absolute and it can be easily removed from an individual. The term used when one holds a greencard is a legal permanent resident. A legal permanent resident is one who resides in the U.S. with an intent to permanently live in the U.S.  One is allowed to visit another country as a legal permanent resident (greencard holder) however, it is when that person stays there for a period of time (generally more than 6 months) that the U.S. Government then begins to believe that the greencard holder no longer intends to live in the U.S. permanently. When this happens, the U.S. can take the greencard of the legal permanent resident from them and place them in removal proceeding.  So to summarize it, if you stay outside the U.S. for more than 6 months (as a greencard holder), the U.S. government upon your return to the U.S. can take your greencard away from you and place you in ‘removal proceeding’.   Ultimately, this means you must show up in court and prove that you did not relinquish your intent to permanently reside here.  White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

Couple things you should know.  If you want to travel as a greencard holder, you should first contact a Immigration lawyer and make sure your travel legal affairs are in order. If you are applying for a greencard or need assistance, you can contact this law office to assist you. If you are placed in removal proceeding, its very important to contact an attorney immediately.  More you delay talking to a lawyer, the less time and harder it is to prepare for your case. You may have certain defenses that will help your case. It can be very difficult to effectively communicate or know the appropriate things to say in court.  Our law office can help you with your situation.  Telephone Number (443)413-5756.

White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131 The U.S. Government allows you to apply for a reentry permit based on certain circumstances. A re-entry permit is known by some people as the white pass. This is not the correct name and is not what USCIS or ICE refers to it.   A re-entry permit allows a green card holder ( or permanent resident of the U.S.) to apply for admission to the U.S. upon returning from abroad.  When you apply for this re-entry permit to the U.S., you must be in the U.S.  The Re-entry permit is valid for 2 years from date of issuance and also may not be extended.White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

There are several other important factors and need to knows when obtaining a re-entry permit. There are other variables involved when applying for a re-entry permit. Applying for a re-entry permit or a ‘white pass’, you use Form I-131. It can be difficult to fill out and completely understand.  You may not want to risk making a mistake. Therefore, you may need the assistance of a licensed practicing Immigration Attorney. Our office can assist you. The Department of Homeland Security fee generally for a re-entry permit is 445.00 including Biometric.  For a price quote from our law office in assisting you in obtaining a re-entry permit, please call now at 001-(443)413-5756.White Pass Re Entry Permit Form I-131

Should you want more details, please visit the USCIS website at http://www.uscis.gov/i-131

 *Disclaimer: None of this information on this page should be used as legal advice or relied upon.  Please consult your attorney regarding your specific case. This blog is general information that may be outdated over a period of time.

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