Why you should INVEST in a EB5 Investor Visa…now

Why you should INVEST in a EB5 Investor Visa…now
By Kasra Ekbatani

The immigration act of 1990 provides internationals seeking citizenship in the United States access to the EB-5 Visa. The prospective citizen may invest in an approved regional center ANYWHERE in the
United States in exchange for a green card Investing in an EB-5 visa will grant an international entry into the states as little as 30 days. . As of now, the USCIS has over 530 regional centers located mostly in DC, California, and Florida. Approval for the EB-5 I-526 applications is high. In 2009, USCIS received 1,028 submissions of Form I-526. Of these, 966 were approved and 163 were denied. Likewise, in 2013, USCIS received 6,517 Form I-526. Of these, 82.6% were approved.
– Become a permanent resident with the option of becoming a citizen after five years
– All spouse and children can come along with the investor
– Live in any location in the United States, as well as unlimited traveling in / out of the country
– Retirement benefits
– Qualify for in-state tuition after one year following admission
How to invest and gain entry to the USA:
1. Hire an immigration attorney to file a petition a $500,000 investment in a targeted Employment Area
2. Prove that source of funds are legitimate through personal income tax reports and salary verification letters.
3. Once entry has been gained into the states within 30 days, follow up with your immigration attorney to file an I-829 form immediately before the second year anniversary of your admission to the U.S. as a conditional permanent resident.

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